The Airheads Beemer Club is a non-profit club reclaiming the 'Legendary Motorcycles of Germany'
You may be asking yourself: "What am I getting if I join the Airheads Club?"
Here are a few benefits to consider...

Monthly events:
Meet ups (aka Barley Therapy)
Tech days, swap meets and
other activities
Annual campouts all over the US and Canada, including:
Death Valley, Salton Sea, Kings Canyon, Bucks Lake,
Manchester Beach, Aqua Caliente, Big Bear, Camp Nelson,
Lake Blackshear, Upper Potomac River, Green Mountains,
Blue Ridge Parkway, Camp Verde, Chaos Ranch
and too many more to mention, all listed on Whair & When calendar.

Airmail Monthly magazine including:
Reports and stories from Airhead events and more
Q&A Tech Topics about Airhead repair and maintenance
Airhead-specific vendor adverts and
product reviews
Classified ads for bikes and gear

Tech Days:
On various weekends, members gather to work on their airhead motorcycles.
If you're new to airheads, this is THE BEST way to learn how to
maintain and fix your motorcycle. There's nothing in cyberspace even
close to having an experienced mechanic guide you in repairing and
maintaining your own bike.
This is also a great way to get to know your local riding buddies.

Airhead Tool Lending Library:
Access to a resource to borrow specialized BMW Tools for the odd project.

Annual hardcopy nationwide dAIRectory booklet with contact info for
hundreds of like-minded Airhead owners in case you break down. Instant
access via the ABC website to the same info, easily searchable and as
close as your smart phone. You would be amazed at how helpful this can be.
Members list options including tools, parts, workspace, meetup
...or even tent space or a bed for the night. website:
Nationwide online calendar of Airhead events
Forum to discuss Airhead topics
AirBazaar to buy and sell bikes, gear and Airhead swag on line
Airlore with the library of tech articles and Airhead shops