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Hanover Camp & Ride

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06.19.2020 - 06.21.2020


Hanover Camp & Ride.    June 19, 20 & 21

Opportunity Knocks!

     For the first time in recorded history there is going to be a ride to and around the Hanover, PA area. For those not familiar with the area it is about one hour south of Harrisburg, one hour west of Lancaster, two hours from Baltimore and twenty minutes east of Gettysburg. Or, it’s half way between York and Gettysburg.
    Our hosts will be Chris and Marge Erickson at their place near Codorus Park, just outside of Hanover. Facilities include camping among the pines, a barn/workshop, paved parking for the bikes and plans for a campfire on Friday and Saturday nights.
    The area includes some very nice rural riding in southern York county, Adams county and northern Maryland.  If your idea of a great day is all day at 30-40 mph on twisty back country roads, then this is a trip to consider. Several rides are planned as options for Saturday. They vary in length depending on the weather and the desire of the particular group. Some short, local rides can be self guided to get a feel for the area. Two longer rides are to be guided by Walt (Colonel) and Chris on Saturday. Both will end in Gettysburg at our dinner location. Certainly setting off for a day on your own is an option as well. Details will be clarified over supper on Friday.

      Arrive Friday after noon, set up camp, meet Scout & Maggie (and Chris and Marge) and hangout or go for a short local ride. Supper around 6 or 7. Discuss Saturday options. Campfire and/or sit back, sip on a cool brew and play with the dogs.

      Saturday head out on the bikes. A day of riding over mostly quiet back roads. Lunch locations to be determined during the trip. It might be prudent to bring a snack along as lunch time might vary.
      One ride, guided by Walt,  will head into the hills and valleys of Apple country in Adams County. They will then go to Gettysburg and a ride through the battlefield. Part of the afternoon is to be free for further investigation of the battlefield and surrounding area. Being June the weather should be beautiful but remember Gettysburg, just before the 4th of July, will have some traffic due to the tourists being in town.
    The second option for a long ride is following Chris. This will cross southern York county to the Susquehanna River and cross into Lancaster county. Once there the route goes north on River Road until reaching the Columbia/Wrightsville area and a stop for lunch. After lunch there is a faster “sprint” taking 30 west to Gettysburg and perhaps a similar ride through the battlefield. If you haven’t done the battlefield ride before the road is nicely paved and ONEWAY, so the route is pretty nice. There are places to stop, stretch and get  different views of the battlefield. The down side will be the traffic that can be expected.
     Saturday supper is planned for the Appalachian Brewery, adjacent to the battlefield. They do not take reservations here so smaller groups, at slightly staggered times, might be the way to go. They have a good selection of beer and a very good menu as well. They even have several options (if memory serves) of vegetarian should someone be so inclined. From supper we have a more direct and easy ride back to camp. Around the fire we can relive the trip of the day.
    Sunday will be breakfast of coffee and donuts from a local DD.  This can be a leisurely affair with discussion on the porch of alternate routes home and ideas for next year.

    Should we have some weather on Saturday that dampens the ideas of glorious long country rides, there are a few options. The immediate area has some very nice rides of an hour or two. Additionally, there are actually some local restaurants that will provide a selection of take out (for lunch) that can be brought back and enjoyed in camp.

    Camp itself is the home of Chris & Marge and Scout and Maggie(resident Border Collies). They have six acres, a log home, studio and barn. Should the weather be really nasty, the barn can be opened into a gathering space and some minor wrenching can commence on various bikes. While no serious tear down is likely, some tweaking, tuning and adjusting can certainly take place. The barn workshop is home to Chris’ five motorcycles, several vehicles, welding gear and a variety of masculine stuff.  Good weather or bad, this area is available. Need a little welding done? Bring it. If all the airheads that have been ridden in are in top form, Chris does have an R25 that has a little timing issue. Perhaps a meeting of the minds can come up with a solution. The shop includes a good selection of tools as well as a nice hydraulic lift.

Friday supper - pizza & beverages on site.
Saturday breakfast - pancakes & coffee on site. (Chris on the griddle)
Saturday lunch - on the road
Saturday supper - Gettysburg Appalachian Brewery in Gettysburg
Sunday breakfast - donuts & coffee courtesy of Dunkin D.

     Beer/wine/liquid refreshment is up to you. Several coolers will be available with ice as needed.
      Tents and associated equipment are recommended. Chairs, tables, etc. will be provided for breakfast on the porch on Saturday. The porches are also available anytime for gathering & relaxation (there are several).
     Porta-potties will be on site for campers. A selection of tent sites are available among or out from under the trees. Parking is in the circle or in front of the barn. Codorus Park, about a mile away, has a variety of hiking trails should someone wish to spend the day there. Fishing in the lake is also an option. They have a website for further details.

    Detailed directions will be provided for those that sign up for the event. Cost will be $30 per person. Limit of 25 people. Sign up now.
  For more information please contact Chris This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.