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Airheads at Black Bear Music

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10.09.2020 - 10.12.2020


Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to this concept, I am moving ahead full throttle.  
So, here are some additional details - 
Black Bear Americana Music Fest - Columbus Day Weekend, October 9-12 2020, Goshen Fairgrounds, Goshen CT.
I met with Beth, founder of the Black Bear Americana Music Fest and locked in the plans.    Beth and I toured the fairgrounds and identified the Airheads encampment area to ensure we would have all the space we needed with an option for overflow.
The karma was perfect at this event.  Maybe it was that I brought along my R69S with the Stieb and took every opportunity for a ride including taking a kid for a spin around the grounds after talking to his father about the bike, but it just felt like an Airhead event, - only one thing missing, more Airheads and their bikes.  
When I first approached Beth about reserving an area for us, I was not sure what her reaction would be to a “motorcycle club” group area, but she was so excited, she took me out in her golf cart and scouted the area.  She did not even require a commitment for the number of attendees, but I assured her we would be no less than a force of 20 mostly bikes and tents.  From our reserved area, we can see the main stage and acoustic stage and have close proximity to the large bonfire.  The music stops at 11:00 each night, so no worries bout keeping you up all night, but I cannot speak for the AirCentral tent guests, you know how they can be.  So, pick your spot strategically.  Note, our area will not have electric or water hookups, but they provide a water filling station on the grounds, and we will have volume water supplies in the common cook tent in our section.  I will consider provisions for a generator if needed for such accommodations as C-Pap machines etc based on request. 
- We will have the area on the map reserved and the gate will have special instructions for Airheads to direct you to the area when you arrive.
- I will setup a parking row along the access road in front of the camping area, or you can park by your tent.
- I plan to make arrangements with Beth for us to have a People’s Choice bike show providing voting ballots for the festival attendees to view and vote for their favorite bike
- I will be offering Beth that the Airheads will fill two volunteer shifts per day at the event.  Each shift is about 2 hours helping with selling shirts, taking tickets, or directing traffic etc.  
*Note - Beth has extended the “alumni” discount for next years tickets including the camping cost.  This is 40% off the full ticket and camping price brining the price from $150 down to $90 for the full festival pass including tent camping.  This is a really good deal, where else can you get 4 nights of camping with access to hot showers, water and 12 hours a day of live music, not to mention proximity to some great riding.
40% discount deadline is October 31st 2019 - Yes, this month, so don’t do the Airhead indecision thing, and procrastinate.  I am betting that even the average Airhead can scrape up $90 for a rally / festival like this, and you can transfer the ticket to a friend is life gets in the way, but you will regret it. 
Go to this link for details -
If anyone wants to bring a trailer, or RV, you can also take advantage of the discount for that ticket class, and we will accommodate you in the AirCentral section, so you will not be separated off in RV Land with the common folk.  The expansion space that Beth has reserved for us will allow a tent area as well as trailers and RVs and we can mix it up any way we want.  We will have direct access to our area through the “North Gate” entrance, and can come and go as we like, day and night. 
To enhance the experience, I will be setting up an AirCentral tent with the usual hospitality and a group kitchen so you can BYO vittles or partake in the wonderful food vendor offerings or any combination you like.  
Here is what I ask of you all to help me make this work and plan for the appropriate space and other assorted Airhead accommodations.  
1. Book your tickets online with Black Bear -
2. Send me a note to confirm you you have booked, and let me know what your plans are for attendance and accommodations - a copy of your reservation would help.  I am going to confirm with Beth for each Airhead person so she can track us as a group and keep the space available.
3. Spread the word to Like Minded Friends - It is not a requirement to bring a bike, but I promise you will not regret it as it provides some added fun to the weekend.  I want to keep this to Quiet Pipes and for the most part Airheads Only so that we stay on the invite list for the following years as I plan to make this a regular event.
4. Let me know if you are able and willing to serve in 1 or more of the volunteer shifts and what days you would prefer.  I will work the details of the volunteer crew with Beth using her system as the dates grow near.
Please reach out with any questions.