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MA Airheads Winter Tech Day - Fix it until it brakes - Contact Tim Hille - 978-760-0650

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01.04.2020 5:00 am - 2:00 pm


Announcing the first New England Airheads event of 2020 - MA Airheads Winter Tech day. 
This year in the tradition of a small parts tech day, we will be focusing on brakes and the assorted bits that make you stop.
Bring your rusty leaky master cylinders and calipers and learn how to renew them  - to borrow a slogan from a local shop “we will fix them until they brake”.
We will have full bikes on hand for demo and illustration, but this tech session will allow for the ‘bring your parts not your bike’ tech session.  Who does not have an airhead with a weepy under tank master cylinder, or a cracked flex line, or just want to be absolutely sure that things are working well when they grab for that lever in a panic because the blind 4-wheel motorist pulls out in front of you while simultaneously making eye contact? 
Notify me ahead of time about what you want to work on, and we will help coordinate ordering service kits.  If you know you want to replace your master cylinder, or have tried the repair kit with limited success, we  can arrange to have some of the rebuilt SS sleeved master cylinders on hand.  
We will demonstrate methods for aligning the pads, checking the rear drum and pads etc.  
We will as always make time for some other miscellaneous other topics, and of course Chili, Corn Bread and BT.  
Location - MA Airmarshals house, Stow MA. 
It would be great to get some RSVPs to help guess at the amount of Chili and BT etc.  

Tim Hille
14325 - MA Airmarshal 
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