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Airheads in the Kingdom Camp Out - August 16-18th

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08.16.2019 - 08.18.2019



Airheads in the Kingdom Camp Out - August 16-18th

We have a date and a place!  The camp out will be on the weekend of August 16-18th and will be again in the Northeast Kingdom.  This year it will be hosted at a cute little cabin in the woods by a stream located at the confluence of the Nulhegan River and its East Branch." alt="image.png" width="562" height="170" />

This cabin was built by students from the Yestermorrow Design-Build school one of which happened to be the esteemed Tim Hille, Massachusetts Air marshal.  Thanks Tim for setting this up.

It’s not too far off of the road, the driveway not being any tougher the Chris’s at Holland Pond.  Plans are now for Friday night grill, bring your own food.  We will provide breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday and the traditional German feast on Saturday night.  BYOB and if it’s like previous years, when we run out, we can buy more.  More details to come, but mark that date on the calendar.  It should be fun.

Please contact VT Air Marshall Mark Steinhoff for more details. (802)238-8958 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.