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Airhead Central at the BMW NorCal 49er Rally

Airhead Events
05.23.2019 - 05.27.2019


Airhead Central at the BMW NorCal 49er Rally
May 23-27 2019
Mariposa Fairgrounds, Mariposa, CA

There's lots going on at the 49er this year. All kinds of seminars and Airhead Central in place, same spot as last year, close to the Bier Garten.

And t
here's going to be a small classic car show in Mariposa, they would like to have some vintage BMWs in the display. Let me know if you're coming so we can plan the space, then show up in town and leave your bike there for a couple of hours. 
Something new is being offered; Women ADV riding classes taught by Pat Jacques. In addition to the women-only classes, there's GS Clinics taught by Lance Thomas. We're still working out the scheduling and estimate a cost of $75-100 for either class.

And for the experts, the GS Giants are doing their events. A full calendar for people who want to learn or demonstrate their skills.

Ran Bush
Nor Cal AirMarshal
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