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MA Airheads Winter Tech Day - 2019

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01.12.2019 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


MA Airheads Winter Tech Day - 

Shake off the cabin fever and get together with some Airheads to dream about and plan your spring adventures.

The topic for the New Years Tech Day will be 2 parts or two topics - 

1- Navigation Tech - we will review some apps and products used for trip planning and navigation including yes, the good old fashioned Map, map pocket on your tank, and maybe someone will bring one of those Rally Scrolls and some instructions for how to produce the scrolls.  We will also have demos of a couple Smart Phone apps as well as the ubiquitous Garmin for Motorcycles, and the use of Base Camp on your PC for the planning phase and process to transfer routes to your mobile device and Garmin system on board.  

I am also working on getting Guido from Moto Mappers to do a live stream demo of his Scenic app and rumor has it that he will be releasing a completely revamped version in the near future, so maybe we will get a demo of that version.  If I cannot get him to do the demo, I will provide a tutorial of how I use it, and the pros and cons from my experience over the past 3 years of use.  

Topic #2 - Suspension Tuning

We will identify a few Airhead “Experts” or at least strongly opinionated individuals who can discuss and demonstrate the finer points of tuning your suspension front and rear.  From shims in the front forks, to the wrench on the dual shock models and some examples of after market mono shocks.  We will have bikes with examples of each of these systems and types to experiment with and test.

We will have breakfast refreshments, lunch and BT for all.

When and Where - Saturday January 12th - 8:30 to 5:00ish, Stow MA at the home / shop of Tim Hille, MA Airmarshal - contact via email or cell for specifics.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.978-760-0650.