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R100GS M. A. P. Engineering Brake Rotor

If you've got a grip like a gorilla you're probably satisfied with the GS front brake. But if you'd like a little more feel, and a lot less effort at the lever, then M. A. P. Engineering may have just the hop up you're looking for. Jim Rowley, the engineer in M. A. P. Engineering, will take your stock rotor carrier and modify it to accept a 320 mm diameter replacement that floats on its own aluminum carrier. Rattle is kept to a minimum by replaceable wave washers. That's an important point, as the BMW rotor on lots of GSs rattles like a trail of tin cans behind a newlywed's car. To accommodate the larger rotor, Jim has machined up a mounting block for the caliper that is both sturdy and good looking. He supplies new stainless steel bolts and lock nuts (but not washers) to fasten everything together.

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