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Brake Fluid Maintenance

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Most of the technical inquiries sent to my mailbox from airhead members relate to problems why their machine won't go, or go properly, or may relate to a desire to make them go faster. Inquiries why they may not stop or questions related to brake and safety maintenance are woefully sparse. And in reviewing the technical index I put together for AIRTECH material published in the past, I find very little on the subject of brake fluid maintenance. Thus the question arises--is it really that important or is the subject embellished with a sales pitch for brake fluid and service at your local dealer?? Before you jump to any conclusions, let me cite a very real incident where I had a direct participation in brake system maintenance.

Locally, (not an airhead member...) a gentleman acquaintance called me late in the year (several years ago...) and asked if I would help him get his 1982 R100RT in running order. He stated the machine was not ridden in over 2 years and was in storage in his aircraft hangar. The battery was dead, and the windshield cracked as something had fallen on it. So he requested generic repairs and a full 10,000 mile maintenance schedule to be performed. I wasn't fond of working on it just then but he insisted and not running at the time, trailered it out for work. I knew the machine well, as it had been in pristine condition prior to his ownership when purchased from another acquaintance locally...

Considering the period of time the machine laid around inactive, one of the first areas I examined was the brake fluid, being as I need to order parts I might as well determine

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