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Gaining Access to the Headlight Bucket Wiring; Aiming the Headlight
BMW Airhead Motorcycles.

This article will discuss RS/RT bucket access; and, is applicable in part to the other Airhead models for bucket access, just remove the part about the headlight tunnel of those fairings.  This article includes the factory method of aiming the headlight.

For the RS and RT models:
Access to their inner headlamp and headlight 'bucket' areas is often done by the removing the fairing glass piece by itself.  This piece of glass is pricey and you almost never really need to remove the glass! Removing the outer glass usually requires NON-metallic tools to avoid chipping/cracking, unless one is careful, and removal of the glass is usually a waste of time, and the potential for glass breakage always exists. Removal of the outer glass IS warranted for such as traveling up a serious gravel/rocky road having big trucks spraying you with rocks...such as the Haul Road in Alaska (where you will or should have a polycarbonate plastic lens, instead of the factory pricey glass lens here).

The myth of having to remove this outer glass to gain access to the headlight bucket seems to have been perpetuated in some aftermarket literature. To gain access to such as inner fairing screws, the inner headlamp lens and its chrome ring, lamp, and inner parts of the headlight bucket (where the FUSES ARE ON THE RS AND RT), simply do the following:

At each of the four outer corners of the black tunnel that BMW calls a 'Light Shaft', will be found 

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