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So, I'm signed up to be the First Aid person at the National Rally in Durango. Never chaired anything at a National before, but had done lots of first aid/medical stuff for large crowds. Things like anti-war demos, rock festivals and stadium concerts in the Bay area (most favorite: The Grateful Dead/Who show; least favorite: Black Sabbath/Blue Oyster Cult show). The BMW rally shouldn't be too hard. 1995 was a pleasant routine of starting the year of getting my nursing degree. Mostly evening classes; the daytime was a leisurely routine of working on the house, settling my mother's estate and working at the Free Clinic at the local soup kitchen. As long as I lived at the "starving student" level of lifestyle; the proceeds from the estate, plus my twenty years of saving/investing would provide support. The BMW repair also provided a regular, if unpredictable stream of income. Very nice spring and summer.

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