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February, 1994: arriving home from the eighteen months overseas and reconnecting took a while. A rear tire change, a tune up and fluid changes was all that Strider required to recover from the trip from London to Istanbul to London to Colorado Springs. Took a while to get the house in order, as the fellow staying there had really neglected any sort of maintenance, including cleaning. A number of my BMW riding friends were waiting for me to return so I could work on their bikes (it's nice to be loved!). Top of the list was Marlo, his somewhat long in the tooth R60/6 had been disassembled by the other independent BMW fixer here in town and pronounced "totally used up". The parts arrived in a pick-up truck and dumped in the front yard. His bike did have some problems, mostly things that were of a labor intensive nature, like renewing seals in the rear drive, new clutch and sorting out electrical gremlins. Within ten days, however, he rode home on a nice running /6. Saw him last night, it's still running nicely.

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