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The 32 hour ferry trip from Santander, Spain to Southampton, England was yet another stormy boat ride. Our cabin mates were seasick most of the time. We spent our time hanging out in the dining room, talking with some sort of Australian Rugby club that was following their team around the world. We landed in Southampton in midmorning and headed for London. Arrived at Ian's, the teacher who had rented me my room during my year of study in public health nursing. We handed over our groceries ( a lot of English go shopping on the Continent regularly) and he handed over my pile of mail, including the forwarded pile that I missed in Brindisi, Italy. That included a couple of letters from friends in Colorado Springs detailing the Kate and Tom attempted murder tragedy. Bad, evil craziness. I was very thankful for my three months of out-of-contact ignorance. We had about two weeks before our long-ago purchased flight to Newark, New Jersey. Task number one, arrange transport for Strider back to the States. I had figured that I would simply do the reverse of how we got him to Europe 18 months ago. Upon calling the air cargo people at several airlines, I found that the U.K. had requirements including that the bike had to be crated. The airlines didn't do this, of course; you had to go a shipping place and have that done. Then a trucking company had to be engaged to haul the crated bike to the airline's freight dock. THEN I would pay about $800 for a one way to Newark. Total cost: about $1200. We flat didn't have that much money with us. Also, we weren't keen on starting a U.S. tour in Newark, New Jersey on January 21st.

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