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We ended up spending two and a half weeks in the campground in Mojacar, on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. We had planned on a quick tour of Morocco but gave that up as we were exhausted after nearly three months of European and Asian travel. Just staying put sounded real nice. Dropping our daily expenses to around $10/day sounded good too. The routine was certainly pleasant. Rise to the low sun, make coffee and take it to the beach to greet the day. Return and straighten up the camp. Maybe do a daytrip or go exploring locally. I had found the local dump and returned with several plastic beer crates (camp seats and table), a small rug and a metal olive oil can and a grill from a stove that I made into a hibachi. Toward the end of the morning, we would walk the 1/2 mile to town, looking for English newspapers, like the Manchester Weekly Guardian (STILL get that fine paper) or the International Herald-Tribune. They would be a few days old but were still a nice reconnection with the outside world; which seemed to be doing just fine without our participation. Papers in hand, we would retire to a cafe for coffee and Spanish brandy. Other people from the campground would walk by and join us. Papers would be read, passed around and given away. Conversation was slow and steady. Before long, the sun was noticeably in a different part of the sky. Time to head back and put dinner together. The day would end around the fire in the hibachi, with candles lighting the area. Yep, two plus weeks of real R&R. Christmas was a big potluck party, involving all of the British ex-pats and us. Two days of planning and shopping, the day itself was a leisurely event of cooking and feasting

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