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Time to head home, the hot springs of Pamukkale were the turnaround as it was considered unsafe to continue further east into Asian Turkey by road, as there was an Islamic fundamentalist revolution going on and we really did not wish to be kidnapped by the PKK, as several other European travelers had. We dropped south and the headed west toward the Aegean coast. Paused to take a look at a thermal-steam power plant powered by geysers. The outflow, a boiling stream, was littered with old bathtubs, used by local folks to do laundry. First stop was the Biblical city of Ephesus (Efes). All the pensions and modern-day dwellings are 4 miles down the road at Selcuk so we found a nice one, with a bunch of Aussies hanging out in it and settled in. Just happened that the next day was the once-every-four-year Turkish census. By law, all Turks had to be in their homes from 7am to 7pm. Only exceptions: cops, fire men and dairy workers. No taxies or buses; a few shops were open where the owners lived in them. Very quiet day. Good day to visit the city of Ephesus. We rode out on Strider and had the place to ourselves and about 20 other people who had either their own vehicles or had walked the four miles. It is a magnificently restored Roman city, the four story restored library is the most commonly published picture from there. It was a real special way to see the place, on that day. I viewed the HUGE parking lot where I was told that in high summer, as many as 500 tour buses from the cruise ships would be there.

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