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To back up a little and share a story that shows how the whole BMW scene has worked for me and others.... Helene had finished a year plus of international BMW vagabonding in 1985 and '86. Spring, summer and fall in Europe, winter in Mexico. Now she was looking to pick up the employment pieces, as funds were running low. She had lived in Iowa before the year on the road, now she wanted to settle in Colorado. She landed in Colorado Springs and was staying with the only person in Colorado she knew, a "friend of a friend." She's a social worker and was looking for work in that field, as well as a place to stay. Soon after arriving here, she was cruising the westside of Colorado Springs, looking for rental houses. Happened to be a fine spring day and I and a friend were doing a sort heavy-duty tech session in the front yard, two seriously torn apart /5s and their innards littered the front yard; a couple more were parked to the side. We were taking a break, sitting on the porch, imbibing a bit of camaraderie, when this person we've never seen before drives by, slams on the brakes and backs up to the yard. Thus, I got to know Helene. The stop turned into a several hour visit, talking not only of bikes and travel, but of work possibilities. With my decade plus of hotline work, crisis center job and current position as a psychiatric staff nurse; I was able to brief her on every employment possibility for a newly arrived social worker. Sure enough, she soon had a good job at the local mental health center, was renting a house and becoming a member of the local BMW club scene.

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