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The next few years would see me average about 12,000 miles a year, between summer touring, a couple of rallies and commuting around town. Unlike working in the BMW shop, my position as CO-coordinator of Option Awareness gave me lots of time to travel. We were a school based program, but were funded to be a year-round project. My partner and I would split the very inactive summer times of covering the office, as we put together next years' program and answered the odd phone call. I would occasionally flee the office to go help out at BMW of Colorado Springs or work on the house. I had grown up reading the Whole Earth Catalog, and was "hot-rodding" our small 100 year old house to be as energy efficient as possible. Additional insulation, storm windows, wood stove, two solar green houses and a solar hot water system all went in during the decade. We also paid it off, in 1980, as well. So, housing costs were low, to say the least. Transport was the bike for me and a VW bug for the wife. The goal was to maintain the starving student lifestyle while receiving a middle-class income. You don't need to do this for a terribly long time (as long as your luck and health are basically good) before one can start to think about early retirement (at a starving student standard). This was our goal (I thought), as we moved along.

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