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We returned to Colorado Springs in mid-July, one day before I was to start my week or so of working at the local shop during the 1977 National Rally. The place was already jumping with early Rally arrivals so I started right in the next day. I was looking forward to a fun but busy time, making a little money, meeting a lot of interesting folks and then, heading off to Oregon to begin nursing school. The shop was one of those hole-in-the-wall places where everyone working there rides, the majority of business was service, not selling new bikes, T-shirts and the like. It was one of those shops that disappeared when BMW NA started leaning on the dealer network to floor and sell lots of bikes. During the Rally, I worked with Doc and his wife, the two "real" mechanics and two other temporary customer/part-timers. We all put in twelve hour days during the week of the Rally. This was my first National Rally and my first bit of work for a real BMW shop. What fun!

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