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Let's say you live in the eastern side of Washington or are looking for a good excuse to go there. Make sure your bike is completely road ready, you have all the goodies that you feel will be necessary (remember - don't overpack) and make your way to Clarkston in the southeast corner of the state. Once you're there if you're looking for a campsite for the night watch for the Chief Timothy Camp grounds just about four miles west of Clarkston. This is a unique, inexpensive place to set up if you don't mind sharing the area with all the ducks and geese. If you wish to hire a motel room, Clarkston offers many, as does Lewiston. Both cities being neighbors makes it easy to find board and room. The next morning (early, preferably) set out to enter Lewiston and pick up Hwy 12. This will lead you into some of the historically rich areas of the Northwest. As you travel the upcoming loop, you will probably be making many stops for photos and journal writings because it is somewhat the same route that Lewis and Clark followed on their trek westward.

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