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As I rolled to a stop, facing up, not wanting to move due to intense pain, in my back, I looked around. Big truck at an angle about 25 feet away, Susanna's R100/7 lying on it's side about ten feet from me; I'm in about 6 inches of snow. I'm alone for a long time. Can't really sit up due to pain, quickly discover that I can lift my lower legs and move feet (this is REALLY good news). Cars pull over and the driver of the truck finally realizes he didn't miss me as he thought he had. Never lost consciousness but am starting to feel a little "weird"; shock, perhaps? I ask people to get the sleeping bag off Susanna's bike and to gently lift my legs up a bit. One of the bystanders offers to baptize me and offer last rites; "You never know". I respond that my wife and I have a spiritual path we are comfortable with and besides, "I'm not going to die. Walking again is in question, but I'm pretty sure I'll live."

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