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Topic-icon Are Airhead mufflers supposed to be so heavy?

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1 year 1 month ago #4915 by JBeemster
I have spent the last night shining away burnt corrosion on my exhaust pipes and man white diamond works great for this but basically got tired of racking my knuckles on the farring and frame of the bike. Finally decided to remove the exhaust pipe from the jugs and the rest of the bike and I noticed something. The mufflers for these bikes are really heavy. Figured at first maybe it's just a really large muffler which would mean sure it would be heavy but when I took out the two bolts holding the muffler itself I noticed on the tips of these bolts were pure black with soot and carbon.

So has anyone ever tried to clean out their mufflers from the burnt fuel soot and carbon buildup? I mean these bikes were engineered to exhaust out its fums without the exhaust having a hard time escaping. I mean imagine blowing out breath through a straw that gradually gets smaller and smaller, I would suspect that at some point in time this could become troublesome for the engine. So back to my question, has anyone ever attempted to clean the soot buildup and carbon out of their mufflers, with what method did you use or did you figure it wasn't worth the effort and money to attempt?

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