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Topic-icon Recommend a toaster tank bag?

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #3757 by Wobbly
Replied by Wobbly on topic Recommend a toaster tank bag?

blake.meike wrote: The tank is ~8" wide at its widest point, ~7" where it meets the seat. There's 10" of free space behind the filler cap and another 8" from the back of the cap to the front of the tank.

Then bags the size of the CorTech 10L would work nicely, as long as they were elevated over the height of the fuel cap.

blake.meike wrote: A lot of these bags attach magnetically. I would have guessed that a layer of foam would break that.

The foam is only 8" wide, and therefore fits only on the top, flat section of the tank. The magnetic "wings" fold down, around the left and right sides of the tank and thus extend over the L & R edges of the foam.

blake.meike wrote: ...and as far as cables... I haven't figured out how to get a USB port on a /5 yet. :-P

That's easy. Buy a cigarette lighter socket at the local LAPS. Add a 1A fuse and extend the wires back to the battery posts. Buy one of those automotive USB charger ports and plug it in.

Hope this helps.

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