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Topic-icon '84 R100: Aftermarket, beefier triple clamp

2 weeks 5 days ago - 2 weeks 4 days ago #5793 by 11731
Hi guys,

I’m interested in an aftermarket, beefier, top triple clamp, and I have a couple of questions, please.

I’d like to install an aftermarket clamp on my 1984 R100. Which one would you recommend? In my recent web searching, I can only find them at ToasterTan. I was going to contact them, but I thought I’d ask here first.

As mentioned, I plan to replace the top triple clamp on the R100 with an aftermarket unit. Then, I plan to double-up, and add that old triple clamp /plate (from the R100) to an ’84 R100RS. This seems simple enough, but I’m really concerned about the length of the handlebar mount bolts. I don’t think they are long enough to fit through 2x plates. Are they?

Additionally, would I also have an issue with the threaded fork caps not being long enough to make purchase in the stanchions with 2x plates up there?

Thanks in advance,

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2 weeks 3 days ago #5799 by 15908
Check out they have a wide assortment of BMW after market options.

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