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Topic-icon Renolds ride-off stand Identification

1 week 5 hours ago #5733 by 5499
Hi All!
I've been riding a 1982 R100RT and have decided to finally do something constructive about the Center-Stand issue. I can't get it up or down even unloaded. I have to call my kids or wife to give me a shove or a pull. I understand even the approximent 1983 BMW modification stands (#46-62-2-301-593) were not much better then the original 1981/82 stands and so I'm looking for a Renolds #R328. Now, my question is how to identify this stand versus any of the other models. Did Renolds print the cat# on the stands and if so, where? The Renolds catalogue shows two units, one with a cross bar and one without. The cross bar unit using shorter springs and the one without the cross-bar needing longer springs, but no identification which is which. Does someone know the dimension from the pivot hole to the ground contact surface for an R328 unit? That would be helpful knowing. I'm hoping someone has this information


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1 week 2 hours ago - 1 week 2 hours ago #5735 by Wobbly
Replied by Wobbly on topic Renolds ride-off stand Identification
Certainly not an expert, but all the Reynolds stands I ever saw were made of round tubular steel and chrome plated. I believe the lower cross member that rests on the ground also goes all the way across, rather than end in 2 small pads as on the stock stands. So they are fairly easy to identify.

But specific lengths and models I couldn't help you with at all.

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