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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #5604 by admiralpepega
Changing tires on R90/6 spoke wheels was created by admiralpepega

I have Michelin Macadams on my R90/6 dated from 2005. There is still a lot of tread left but I am worried about the age of the tire.

I was thinking of changing the tires to Michelin Pilot Activ but I am worried that it might be too difficult. I called around the airhead friendly shops in MA, and they all quoted $185 for the job and the price of the tires were more expensive than what I would get online.

If I attempted to change my own tires, what tools would you recommend to use? I have found many different opinions on this and I would like to know what tools would make this job easy.

Thank you :)
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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #5607 by Wobbly
Replied by Wobbly on topic Changing tires on r90/6 spoke wheels
• You'll need some pro rubber/tire mounting lubricant, a rubber hammer, and a very good set of MOTORCYCLE tire tools (at least 2, hopefully 3). And 2 new tubes for each tire because you'll pinch he first one.

• Working on a 5 gal bucket is OK. Working atop a 35gal oil drum is the best. You absolutely DO NOT want to roll around on the floor. That's too hard on the wheel and your body.

• Then you need to sit down and watch about 100 videos of tire changing on YouTube. Pros make it look easy, and it is... once your body and tools are applying force in the exact right place. That's why you'll need to watch 100 people do it. Most people that change tires "just know how to do it", they've never really analyzed their movements. They can show you, but they can't explain it. (Hint: If you break a sweat, then you're doing it wrong ! :lol: )

• New tires need to be balanced. That requires more tools and finesse than fitting the tire. I use the static method using a new set of 18mm ID un-sealed ball bearings and the stock axle. (The wheel bearings have too much drag due to seals and thick grease.) You can get self adhesive wheel weights at your LAPS for use on cars with mag wheels.

• Don't forget to grease the axles and rear drive splines before re-installing the wheels.

Much simpler just to drive your bike on over to my place and I'll let you change your tires with my tools under my watchful eye. You'll also get the same help at your next local Tech Day. Check your local group's calendar.

Side Note: I once read the bio of a (now) famous m/c racer who was signed up to do the International Six Day Trials, but he didn't know how to change tires. So they put him in the factory, fitting tires on the assembly line. By tire number 500 he had it figured out. :P

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