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Topic-icon 1982 R65 Starter Does Not Stop Running

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5 months 3 weeks ago #5304 by dretek
Fellow Airheads,

Some of you may remember my 1982 BMW R65 with VM34 Mikuni Carbs:

Anyways, I've had so much fun riding around. The major problems I am having right now is:

The starter does not shut off when cranked over (usually when bike is warm)
After a long ride, I parked outside my garage. When it was time to move her in, I fired her up, and the starter kept cranking (even with killswitch: OFF and key: OUT). What's going on here?

Odometer is broken
Nothing is moving on the odometer and the tripometer HARDLY increases.
Is there something I could check?
If I wanted to get a new odometer/dashboard setup, do you guys have any suggestions?

Bike stumbles at 900 RPM when initially fired, after 10 minutes, it idles at 1100 RPM
Basically, the bike is: fire her up and GO. This is OKAY, but I gotta stay revving at stop lights for 10+ minutes. Occasionally, it will stumble and shut off so I have to play this delicate game of keeping 1000+ RPM until its warm.
I could rotate in my idle screws to hold an idle from cold, but then the idle will sit @ 1250+ RPM when its warm. Any suggestions?
NOTE: These are Mikunis!

Rear brake light does not light when pressing rear brake pedal
Not the biggest deal because I can use my front brakes, but I'd like to start looking at electrical components. Where do I start?

Blue skies,

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5 months 3 weeks ago #5309 by Wobbly
Replied by Wobbly on topic 1982 R65 Starter Does Not Stop Running
1) Your starter needs disassembling and cleaning. Being sure to re-pack the bearings with new grease or replace them. The bendix throw parts are probably jammed with clutch debris.

2) There are gears driving the odometer cluster that are a press-fit onto the shaft. It is VERY common for them to start slipping on the shaft. Snowbum has ideas on how to fix this.

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