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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #110 by 8166
Trouble Loggin In? was created by 8166
If you send an email to the webmaster requesting a new password, you'll likely get a message very much like what follows. The webmaster will reset your password, likely to something obvious like "password", and ask you to change it as soon as you login. The note will also remind you to use your membership number as your user name. In the spirit of keeping things simple while still remaining cognizant of the fact that we live in a cut throat age of Internet un-security, we encourage members to use their membership number as their username. If you instead choose to use the same username you use everywhere else, that increases the chances that an enterprising hacker will compromise this web site and all your Airhead brothers when one of your other accounts gets hacked.

Sorry for the trouble.
(Yeah, we really mean that. But sometimes it's just your turn to spend a little time in Life's trick barrel. We could trot out tons of excuses why whatever happened to you happened, but the short story is that we're all just Airheads here and pretty much don't understand how the heck a lot of this stuff works. However, unlike most of you, we have tried to RTFM (Read The Friendly Manual) to try to figure it out, and we're doing our best to pass along the benefit of our meager knowledge. Also keep in mind that we're all volunteers, and we're doing the best we can with our barley addled brains and non-existent financial resources. Before you dump all over us with what might at first seem justified outrage, all because you've paid the outrageous sum of $25 for a year's membership, please consider that that same outlay might get you 6.25 coffees at your favorite emporium, 1.25 nights camping at some gummint run throw down, 12.5 gallons of regular (corn laced as it is and enjoy it as long as it lasts), 0.2778 of a cheap tire, or .2 hour of tech time at your friendly local BMW dealer (if you're lucky). Given the choice, I'd recommend the gallon of regular, and remind you to ride it like you stole it.)

You MUST reset your password on your first visit to the new ABC web site. Click the "Forgot my password?" link on the login page and you'll get an email with a confirmation code that will enable you to reset your password. You can use the password from the old web site if you like, but it's good security practice to change your password at least every six months.
(True dat, but only if you pay attention and actually click the "Forgot my password" link.)

If you didn't receive the email containing your verification code when you attempted to reset your password, check to make sure it's not in your spam folder, and add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the whitelist of any spam filtering software you may be using.
(Yeah, the verification code. The most obvious villain is your spam filter, which experience tells us has a voracious appetite for all emails originating from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So please whitelist that address in your email client and do us all a big favor. Also make sure that the email address we have on file for you is still one you use and have access to. If it isn't, you'll never see the activation code email because that's the address it's gonna be sent to. Shame on you for not keeping that email address current with us. If that's the problem, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know so we can get you goin' again.

But frankly, there have been too many problems with that email and associated code, and at some point in the future, we're going to take it up with the developer that wrote the membership software we're using. He's a pretty nice guy, and actually responds to our requests for help, and that's a big part of why we picked this particular component. But don't expect the fix to happen overnight. If this had happened to you, please include the verification email as an attachment to your password reset request. That'll help us demonstrate to the developer that there's an actual problem with his software, and that we, as a group, don't have an out of control problem with mind altering substances.)

You also need to use your membership ID as your username when you login.
(Membership ID? You mean I got a membership ID when I joined up? Yeper, and that's what we use to distinguish your truly unique identity from all the other John Smiths in the ABC. And believe me, we're crawlin' with 'em!)

To login, go to:
Login using your membership ID (XXXXX) and "YYYYYY" (no quotes) as your password.
(In the real email, and if the webmaster is having a good day, the XXXXX will be replaced with your membership number. The chances of this happening increase exponentially if you are courteous enough to include your membership number in your password reset request. It's a lead pipe cinch that you'll get a membership number instead of pentuple Xs if your email is half way coherent and free of venomous accusations. Illustrated references to butterflies and unicorns, with an occasional rainbow thrown in, will only help your cause.) And even on bad days, "YYYYYY" will be replaced with a temporary password for you to use when logging in.

Then please go to:
(Spoiler hint: That's the login page for the ABC web site. But it only works for paid members. Not a member? Click the Join button in the menu on any page and we'd be happy to have you in our asylum.)
If that doesn't work, go to the Your Account menu AFTER you login and click the User Profile pick.
(If that doesn't work, it's probably because you're not a member, as in "I sent my twenty-five dollars off and now I can't afford my usual morning latte type member. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we cah help you get it sorted out.)

Once you'er logged in, please change your account password to something more secure than the temporary "YYYYYY" we sent you via email. Email isn't very secure, and we'd hate to see your account compromised by someone. So please change that temporary password ASAP, OK?.
(Seriously, use a strong password. Put a few capital letters in there, a number or two, and even some punctuation. Bang (!) or hashtag(#) are good, as is the good ol' dollar sign ($). For heaven's sake don't use your Bank of America or eTrade password, we'd hate to get hacked because one of the big boys got caught with their britches down.)

If your membership is expired, you may have to renew it using the links at the bottom of the User Profile page before you can change your password.
(That's at the bottom of the User Profile page. So the rule is: You can still log in even if your membership is expired, but you can't change your password until you renew your membership. We don't make this stuff up, that's just how the software works, and we're not smart enough to write our own. If we were, we sure as heck wouldn't be wasting time on old German motorcycles. Well, er, maybe we would, but we certainly wouldn't be webmasters for the ABC! ;)

If you're within 6 months of your membership expiration date and want to renew your membership, you'll find links at the bottom of your User Profile, or you can go to:
(Back in the bad old days of the even shadier ABC web site, several of our more enterprising members figured out that they could effectively freeze their membership fees well into the future by repeatedly renewing. Good for them, bad for the club. Anyone that has mailed a real letter lately has noticed the near obscene increases our dear post office has been levying on its customers, and the ABC is no exception. In fact, postage eats up about a quarter of every member's dues every year. Add printing costs, which have also increased (those lovely color pics aren't cheap) and that doesn't leave much to pay for Air Centrals, our illustrious Editor, and a new bike for the Treasurer (just kidding...). Anyway, to stop extended membership extensions, we put the 6 month limit in place. It gives folks plenty of time to renew while still allowing the ABC to pass along increasing costs.)

Pick a Payment Plan, pay for your membership using PayPal (you can use a credit card even though you're not a member).
(Paypal? Oh my (insert your favorite deity here), not PAYPAL! Yes, Paypal. It's free, Since the cheapest thing on an airhead is the rider, we couldn't resist the price. Using Paypal also keeps your credit card info off the ABC web site and in the hands of people that know how to protect it, which we obviously don't. Anybody that's seen my charges at Ozzie's every month knows I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near that kind of information. And no, you don't need to join Paypal to use it. Just follow the directions on their web site and hold your nose. Trust me. I don't ride a Triumph (not even a new one), but it'll be OK.)

If you get stuck send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get you rollin'.
(Really? Yeah, really. We do the best we can with what we've got, so do your best to give us as much info as you've got. You'd be surprised what we get in terms of distress calls. Sometimes we get a first and last name, but we've seen cases where more than one member shares those. Then we get to guess who we're dealing with. Sometimes we get a long explaination about how unfair Life is and darn little that'll help us figure out the problem. Oh well, that one goes on the back burner while we work the problems we can actually solve. And sometimes all we get is a text message with something like "HELP". Huh? Not much to work with there, maybe you need to get some handlebar therapy and try again.)

Oh, I should add, you'll only get a note like that described above if you're lucky enough to have me answering the email. The other guy will just send you something like:
Login with YYYYYY as your password.
Don't forget to change it.
Your username is your member id.

But what fun is THAT? ;)

8166 Scot Marburger, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #111 by 11190
Replied by 11190 on topic Trouble Loggin In?
I resemble that remark...!

I glazed over just looking at all those words...;P :P

Nothing is Impossible for the Man Who Doesn't Have to Do it Himself.
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