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. I am looking for a good solid traveling bike. This bike will be ridden in a variety of conditions, but it will be cared for and garaged. Not interested in a basket case NOR a concours bike, rather something in the middle, with the expectation of normal maintenance to keep her on the road. I am vertically challenged at 5’ 2, thus the interest in the smaller frame for more solid footing. I am familiar with Airheads as I regularly ride my R60/5 and it is just a tad tall, thus the desire to get another bike. Would love the bike to be already converted to 12Volt and if someone has thoughtfully and tastefully added rear directionals that is a plus. I like to tell people where I am going. Since this bike will be a traveler, already mounted racks and panniers are a big plus. Color not that important if it is pretty close to a stock BMW color, but NO pink YUK! Please feel free to send me photos via email . Thanks for reading this!


Celia Williams
Merritt Island