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I have the pleasure of owning a 1978 R100RS Motorsport which has been lovely so far barring the transmission. The original went on me soon after purchase and I subbed in a cheap replacement as a stopgap, while Tom Cutter at Rubber Chicken Racing is taking a crack at the old tranny to see if it is salvageable. But the replacement transmission hasn't been great, it jumps out of first and doesn't like to shift. I want to move away from it sooner rather than later, and it looks like Tom won't be getting to my transmission for a bit. If anyone has a rebuilt or low mileage unit they are willing to part with, let me know. I would rather do it right than do it cheap this time. Would like to keep it under $750 but I am willing to negotiate.


Thomas C Palazzolo
Bryn Mawr
WTB: 1970-1980 5 Speed Gearbox, Good Condition / Refurbished