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Brand new member and not 100% sure how this site works but I've been told that this is the place to get help and assistance.
I live in Prince George BC; so I'm pretty far away from a BMW dealer and/or a used motorcycle parts dealer but I have recently been bequeathed, from an old friend, a 1985 R80, that needs restoration.
The bike hasn't been ridden since 1993 and wasn't stored in ideal conditions.
Fortunately it came along with a box of new parts (Repair manual, Carb kits, shock seals, caliber kits), that my friend purchased back in 2003 but never got around to installing.
I have limited experience in wrenching and may be in way over my head but I plan to tackle this project this winter (newly retired and don't enjoy winter sports anyway).
My goal is to take advantage of British Columbia's "Collector Plate Insurance" program, for the drastically reduced rates, because i don't see the value in insuring a second bike (for full price), when I don't get enough riding time on my touring bike.
The criteria for the program is that the bike be in good shape and they are pretty stringent. Unfortunately all of the main body parts are damaged.
Tank - very rusty internally and externally along with a few dents. front fender - dog chewed up the leading edge and the tail/seat cowling - is broken in three places.
I was hoping someone would be able to steer me to where to find good condition used or new replacements body parts.
Thanks in advance.


Lance Yearley
Prince George
1985 R80 Body Parts