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“21 R80G/S front wheel. Perfect condition, shiny spokes, good bearings, excellent EBC floating brake rotor, old Metzler Lasertech that still has the nubs. Stored in a controlled environment so the rubber is still soft and holding air.
Also have a 19” R80ST front wheel in excellent shape..shiny spokes. Almost new EBC floating rotor. No tire
Set of NEW late model airhead bags with locks, emblems, and reflectors. Can be keyed to your ignition key
Sets of used BMW bags for airheads../6 to R100
$200 for each pair. $300 for the bags and bag mounts depending on your model. Racks are all powder coated satin black.

Oh and the '54 RS54 Rennsport behind the bags is also for sale


Greg Hutchinson
Redwood City
R80G/S and airhead parts for saleR80G/S and airhead parts for saleR80G/S and airhead parts for sale