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PRIMO GSPD! 1994 BMW R100GSPD. round the world

Current mileage 72.5k. New full engine rebuild at 60,850
(Locating dowel for front bearing cover came out, necessitating a full teardown and rebuild. Proper repairs effected. Receipts available to purchaser.)
Engine is Dual-Plugged. Makes usable, soft torque from 1,500rpm
All 8 cylinder studs reinforced with TimeCert inserts at 3,500 miles (original build)
Current rebuild included all new consumables (bearings, inserts, gaskets, seals, rings, etc)
Fresh oil service
Fresh carburetors
Fresh cylinder heads
Dual-plugged advance curve Alpha Ignition Bean Can and Ignition unit
Nippondenso Starter, freshly rebuilt
Powdercoated and asbestos-wrapped headers
SS OEM muffler

Enduro transmission (lower first gear, overdrive fifth gear)
Tranny output shaft Circlip installed
Beemer Shop driveshaft with larger trunnion bearings, replaceable, greasable, includes spare U-joints and replaceable urethane shock buffer insert.
Nylager Nushing molybdenum nylon Paralever bushings
Shinko 700 front, Mitas E07 rear tires, 50% or a bit more

Oil cooler relocated under steering-head, SS lines
4mm Stainless Steel spokes (stock is 3.5mm) both wheels
Gold valve equipped front forks
Progressive fork springs
Cast fork brace
Works rear spring shock, rebuilt about 20k ago
320mm front rotor (stock 270mm) with 4 piston caliper
Frame braces (removable) along sides and at fork-head/back- and down-tube.
Subframe X-braced

Lighting and Electrics
LED H-4 headlight
LED Driving Lights
LED Yellow fog lights
(Total current draw is about 70 watts for all five lights. Driving lights are switched to high-beam, or can be run independently)
Euro headlight switch (allows for headlights OFF, parking lights only, or headlights ON)
LED Taillight
450 watt Enduralast Alternator with cooling air placement for Rectifier/VReg
2 year old battery, healthy, on Tender
New wiring harness 2015
Dedicated, fully-fused relay-controlled Farkles 12v+ t


R100GSPD RTW ReadyR100GSPD RTW ReadyR100GSPD RTW Ready