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For Sale is my 1976 R75/6 in original Monza Blue. The previous owner had brought the bike to a restoration shop and gave it a complete mechanical overhaul that equaled the cost of the bike. This included having the motor rebuilt!

The previous owner gave the bike to his son who rode it for about a year and less than 1000 miles and then decided he wanted a Ducati.

I bought the bike and had to rebuild the carbs because it had sat for a little bit. Other than that it has been a nice little bike.

Mechanically, everything works and, outside of giving a final adjustment to the carbs when it warms up, the bike doesn't need anything.

Cosmetically the bike has the original paint which shows the patina of 43 years. The seat is in overall good shape and the bike presents well.

I have four bikes at the moment and simply don't have time to ride it. I have made the decision to sell it. This bike will be sold with Bill of Sale as New Hampshire doesn't issue titles before 1999.

Please see the work below completed in 2017:

$4,000 Dollars in parts and Labor
Bore of Cylinders and Piston Skirt Clearance checked
Cylinders Honed
Motor reassembled
Clean and remount Reflectors on Forks
New Motor Mount Bolt and foot Pegs
Master Cylinder Re-sleeved
Correct Fuses installed and Wiring in Headlight repaired
New Diode Board and all connections cleaned
Front Caliper Rebuilt with Stainless Steel Piston
Motorcycle gauges disassembled and bulbs replaced and printed circuit board replaced
Rear Brake assembly cleaned and reassembled. Pivot points lubed
Stator removed and repaired
Ignition Advanced cleaned and lubed and gap set.Motor Timed
New Fuel Filters

New Left and Right Pistons
New Left and Right Cylinders
New Black Diamond Valves and Guides
Carbs Rebuilt
New Main jet (145) and Idle jet (50)New Float Bowls
New Sealed Battery with Battery bridge and nuts
Stainless Steel Front Break hose
New Front brake pads
New Spark Plug Caps
New Diode Board
New HeliCoil
Magnetic Drain Plug
New BMW Gas li


Derek Carpenter
1975 BMW R75/6