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1970 R75/5 SWB in excellent condition. Doesn't need a thing. Mileage unknown, though I suspect it is not high mileage since the brake pedal shows little sign of wear. Speedo has 14,000 on it, and I got it 5 years ago when it had 4,500 miles. Runs well, shifts fine (well, like all old BMW's do). Replaced clutch spring plate and push rod, checked clutch and it is in spec. Seat cover is new as is front tire, battery about a year old. Rear tire about 50%. Bike comes with a shop manual, and several specialized tools (header star nut wrench, clutch tool, a 27mm machined socket for the swingarm, and probably several others I am forgetting.

I also have a spare engine and transmission I will sell with it for an additional $700. Never hurts to have spares!

Located in Marietta, GA. Price is $4,500


Lawrence Krupa
1970 R75/5 Very clean!1970 R75/5 Very clean!1970 R75/5 Very clean!