Very nice GS. As near as I can tell the bike has about 40,000 to 45,000 miles on it. The odometer is showing 13,000. Here's the story. I bought the bike five years ago showing a few hundred miles on the odometer. The seller was a bit confused about many things and didn't know the bike's history. The condition was excellent, but Virginia did not track odometer readings for vehicles that old. And there was no record of an odometer declaration. I've put over 12,000 trouble free miles on the bike. At one point I replaced the ignition control module and in the process of doing that I PM replaced the alternator brushes, just because. They showed about half wear. Also, I pulled the heads a few hundred miles ago just to have a look. There was a bit of a lip on the valves, but they still had plenty of service left. Those two wear items suggest the 40 to maybe 50K miles. The bike has been my daily rider off and on all this time.

Other features: Mayer seat, tall Parabellum windshield, almost new front tire, new back tire. I just overhauled the carbs including diaphragms, floats, and ultrasonic cleaning of the carb bodies and brass bits. Bike runs great. The bike also has Danali 2 LED auxiliary lights that I'll leave on for a full price offer. Anything less and I'm keeping those.


Jeff Dunkle
1995 R100GS