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INSTALLING AN ACCESSORY ELECTRICAL OUTLET on BMW Airhead Motorcycles.  Recommendations for Hella-DIN adaptors with USB output for GPS, cameras, and other devices for ANY BMW motorcycle.

 Copyright 2019, R. Fleischer
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Recommendations for  DIN adaptors to USB connectors; also wired versions:  

It is not easy to find these; especially for good reliable ones with plugs that do not release from vibration, etc....and at a reasonable price. I tested the following products for temperature, output, regulation, etc.  Price is reasonable.  These connect to your motorcycles electrical system, either to the battery, or to the system after the ignition switch, or simply plug into an existing DIN jack (or, one you add) on your motorcycle.  These adaptors I recommend are NOT cheap cigarette lighter socket plugs but quality Hella-DIN types, that grip well into your socket.  All have 5 volt USB type outputs. Single and dual versions, either with 2.1 or 3.3 ampere ratings for output.  

NOTE! These items have a tiny current drain when plugged-into your bike. Thus, if you intend to leave it plugged-in or otherwise connected all the time, I suggest you wire the socket (or, otherwise) into the motorcycle so power is ON (directly or to the adaptor socket) only when the ignition switch is ON; unless you use a Smart Charger most all of the time when not riding the bike. You could always install an on-off switch. I have thoroughly tested a number of these. Both the 2.1 ampere & 3.3 ampere versions have a no-load drain of about 0.006 to 0.007 ampere. The standard 5 volt USB output is solid, well-regulated, and was tested with inputs between 11 and 15 volts at the DIN plug. My above tests are ONLY for the items, made by Cliff-top, of Taiwan.

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