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Speedometer Repair for BMW Airheads

Thanks to all esp. Paul Glaves, Jeff Saline, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After some probing I found the upper RT silver gear that transfers drive from the total mileage to the trip odometer to be loose on the shaft and causing the trip odo to run intermittently. Using minimalist approach and a tooth pick I first carefully dipped the toothpick in alcohol and cleaned the shaft without disassembly. Steady hands and a watchmakers magnifying loupe helped. When that dried I put a drop of liquid crazy glue an a piece of plastic and using a toothpick I dipped it in glue and than transferred small amount to the shaft above the gear keeping it upright so capillary action will draw it downwards. I am now considering a good spot to drill a 1/4 inch hole and put a Gortex patch over it to try to get rid of fogging.

Jeff Saline cautions: One thing I don't remembering anyone commenting on is allowing super glue the opportunity to out gas outside of the instrument housing. I haven't ruined a lens yet but understand that if you use super glue and immediately reassemble the instrument housing the super glue will out gas and fog the instrument housing lens(es). I was repairing a high beam indicator blue lens the other day and have had the instrument out gassing for 6 days now. I recall hearing 24 hours is enough time

Simple Odometer Repair

A slipping or non-working odometer can be quite a nuisance. One cause for it is a small gear in the odometer that is slipping on its shaft pin.
The simple photo procedure contained here will help you:

  • Open your speedometer
  • Find the slipping gear fault
  • Make a fix-at-home repair

For the repair, it's best to have a well lit table top to work on. Use a clean white cloth under the project so any missed parts are easily seen. Actual work time for this in-house repair should be approximately one hour. Extra time should be allowed for glue to cure before reassembly.

Tools needed:

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