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Throttle & clutch cables. Clutch lever (at bars) bushing.
Confusing design changes to throttle cams & gears.
Speedometer cable rubber boot at transmission.
Speedometer & tachometer cables.
Control assembly perches/wedges.

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7B & K30

INTRODUCTION ...and description (and some fixes) of problem areas:

In my shop I saw many control cable failures from these things.

1. Throttle cables on the Airheads: Left cable failing at the carburetor, due to the throttle cable being bent as owners checked the oil dipstick. Do not bend the throttle cable at the left carburetor when checking your oil. There is no need for the oil dipstick to be overly-tightened. Bending the left throttle cable is a prime cause for that left cable to have increased friction, possibly spread some coils on the wrapped sheath (& making that carburetor difficult to synchronize, if bad enough), & eventually you might break an inner strand ...usually where you can see it between the throttle lever on the carburetor, & the sheath. A single strand found broken (You do inspect these cables regularly, don't you?), will usually cause other strands to eventually break from the same reason why the first strand broke ....this will ...or can ...result in total cable failure in as little as few hundred miles or so.

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