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Discussion of Tank Slappers, Part 3 (Snowbum)

Since the original publishing of "Discussion of Tank Slappers", I finished writing an extensive article on that and allied subjects.  This was after accumulating a very large number of tests on a large number of BMW Airheads, mine, and customer's bikes.  The article is on my website. here is a direct link:
This article gets much more deeply into the subject, fixes some erroneous comments I made or implied in the original, and delves into weaving, wobbling, high speed effects, etc....all are in depth.

I include the link to Gordon Jennings article (Gordon and I spoke many years ago on the subject).  Tony Foale was also contacted.

There is a lot of misunderstanding, misinformation, old wive's tales, etc., to be cleared up...hopefully I have done so

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