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Magura X-line Handlebars

The old power line road was generally in good shape, at least it was between the arroyos. When the road dipped into the washed out beds of the dry creeks the gravel got pretty loose and deep. When the road dropped into the creek bed itself, there wasn't much else to do but stand on the pegs and stay on the gas. Sometimes that went on for quite a while, and my lower back started to remind me just how far out of shape I was. It didn't help that the Answer Hyperlite bars I'd installed with Ricky's risers were a good inch and a half lower than the stock GS bars. I was pretty happy with the standing position on the newer R1200GS, and wondered if a taller aftermarket bar would help on the R100GS. With Answer, Moose Racing, and Renthal the most rise I found was about 150mm. BMW's R100GS bars have about 200mm of rise, which is comparable to the new R1200GS bars. Santa Cruz County BMW offered a bar through Wunderlich that was a match for the one on the 1200, but at almost two hundred bucks it was a bit too much for my budget.

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