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R100GS Handguards & Heated Grips

Back in my dirt bike days it didn't take many busted clutch levers and throttle housings before I realized that the ends of your handlebars aren't a very safe place for delicate components. Pawing through the scrap box one day I ran across about three feet of 1/4" by 1" aluminum bar, and hit upon the idea of bending up some gards that would keep rocks and tree limbs from doing any damage to the parts behind them. Never broke another lever after that. The same idea started running through my head shortly before a winter run to Death Valley that held the promise of snow riding and its accompanying get offs.

This time, though, I wanted to preserve the functionality of wind deflection that the flimsy BMW hand protectors provided. Acerbis makes several styles of guards, but only one offered the aluminum bar reinforcement of my old bark busters. Touratech sells a slightly modified version touted to be especially designed for the GS, but at the usual outrageous price. A few minutes eye balling the standard Acerbis offering at nearby Fremont Cycle Salvage had me convinced I could make them fit, and even get them working with BMW's electric grips. All it would take is a little lathe time and some patience.

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