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Type V Fork Rebuild Tips

When I did research on rebuilding the forks on my 88 R100 RT, I found very little information regarding the “Type V” forks on the monoshock RT and RS’s.  And, what little I found turned out to have a significant amount of incorrect information.  I’m writing this to be used in companion with other information.  Clymer indicates the wrong damper rod assembly for the Type V forks.  In addition, the exploded views of the forks by both BMW and in the Clymer book are missing an O ring on the damper rod assembly.  The BMW fiche indicates only one O ring located on the damper rod; however, there is an O ring on the valve, which is not shown.  This O ring on the valve is the same O ring that is on the damper rod, so just double the order.  Since I had a hard time trying to figure out what parts to order, I have included a parts list at the end of this article. 

First of all, I’m assuming the forks are already off the bike and the sliders have been removed.  The fork seals and dust boots (if necessary) should be replaced as well.  There are plenty of discussions on how to do these tasks, so I’m going to skip discussions on them.  Also, it’s very important to make sure the forks are properly aligned, when they are put back together.  Stiction occurs when the fork are not properly aligned, which can be dangerous.

Fork Disassembly

While Clymer recommends disassembling the forks by removing the fork top cap, I found it much easier to remove

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