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In early 2002 I learned that it was possible to change the ratios of both first and fifth gears in the GS transmission by swapping out gears. Surprisingly, only one of the gears of the respective pairs need be changed. I called Cal BMW and Ozzie's BMW for pricing, and found that each wanted almost $300 per gear for the parts, plus labor to do the swap. That was prohibitively expensive,and the idea went onto the back burner. Several months later I was leafing through the back pages of a Classic Bike magazine Gene had loaned me (it was the issue that profiled Norton's Production Road Racer from the '70s), and I noticed an advertisement from S. Meyer in Hillesheim, Germany advertising BMW parts. Having previously dealt with many parts suppliers in Great Britain, I composed an email to S. Meyer inquiring about the gear swap.

In a few days I received a reply quoting the following prices:

6 % lower 1st gear Euro 90
18 % lower 1st gear (Set 2 gears) Euro 250
6 % quicker 5st gear Euro 120
10 % quicker 5st gear (Set 3 gears) Euro 620

At the time, a Euro was going for about $.95, so these prices represented a vast departure from what was being quoted locally. The gears were made by a company called

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