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Bing Carburetors that pee gasoline onto your boot; or,
weep or leak onto the floor of your garage.....
How to do the Bing Dance!
Fuel foaming from vibration, particularly on GS models.
Float needle seat replacement.

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For float testing in depth:

For actual fuel level measurements & information on replacing float needle SEATS:

It is very important to turn off the petcock(s) when you park your bike. This is so even if you have a late model Airhead that has the fuel-shutoff solenoid valve located on the inside of the cover over the starter motor (many have been removed, but the same caution applies). It is exceptionally important if you park your bike in a garage where there is a source of gasoline fumes ignition ...such as a water heater, ETC. We do NOT need to hear about BOOOOOM! We don't want fires, either!

Bing carburetors are commonly known to leak in several ways. The most common is fuel dumping on your boot from a grossly overflowing carburetor, typically from a side vent. Sometimes there is just a slow weeping or a slow leak from the very small hole in the bottom of the float bowl.

IF the leak is ONLY a tiny bit of weeping or leak from only that small hole in the bottom of the carburetor:
Remove the bowl, clean the outside bowl area with fine picks, solvent, etc. Use a taper tool of some sort, & give the folded-over pipe a modest whack with the tool & quite small hammer, with the carburetor bowl top surface down onto a flat hard surface such as a thick metal plate. This will re-seat & re-stake the tiny pipe. Only in quite rare instances have I had to seal the pipe interface.

There have been rare instances where that tiny pipe has split from frozen water in the bowl. If so, the pipe must then be replaced....unless you feel a bulging wallet ....then you can purchase a new bowl.

Similarly rare, there have been instances from another small but slightly larger pipe. This is the one coming downwards from the carburetor main body, that dips into a bowl corner "well". It also splits from water and freezing. This causes problems with the choke (enrichener) operation.  That pipe can usually be fixed by soldering a larger pipe over it, but be very careful in your work, and do notice if the downwards pipe has any side holes, if so, those must be maintained in operation.

The Bing Dance, Part 1:

1. Motorcycle is outdoors, or, otherwise away from flames, etc. Perhaps you are on a trip. Don't do this in your garage unless it is quite safe from water heaters that might ignite fumes, etc.

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