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The Bing Dual-Independent "Alcohol-proof" Float Kit
>>>A Bing, NOT a BMW-sold-nor-installed product!

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The MAIN advantage of these kits is that you will likely never have to replace floats. That does NOT apply to the float needles, of which there were two basic types. The VITON tipped ones have the same easy-to-lose fine wire clip as on the stock carburetors. That clip insures positive float needle operation when the needle should be leaving the needle seat and allowing fuel to flow into the bowl.

If the original floats (which DO AGE) are already really bad, and/or the float needle is already bad, things will certainly improve with PROPER installation of these PRICEY kits! Installation is, however, somewhat tricky.  IN MY OPINION, installation of these kits when the old parts were worn, often considerably, is the HONEST & TRUE reason that SOME find improvements with fuel mileage after installing the kits.

Adjustment of these dual-independent float kits is more involved than with the stock floats. These kits can cause $$$$ problems, so, please read all of this article.

Introduction to these kits:
(I will get much deeper into them after this section)

I do NOT recommend Bing so-called alcohol-proof independent float kits for everyone. HOWEVER; if you are willing to fiddle with these, & understand the limitations & cautions, they are OK with me. Bing published, many years ago, that they gave increased mileage & performance due to stability of the fuel level during turns. I somewhat agree, but mostly only in an airplane or with serious racetrack use where the bike is leaned to truly extreme angles. These independent floats were originally advertised as being for engines where the carburetors were facing more left and right than on our Airheads...& more or less fore & aft. One must think about the way the floats are hinged & operate, & then you will see that Bing's old claims for our bikes were hardly reality. As to their NOT being affected by 'alcohol'; ....that may be true. But, as seen in my Bing article where I get into extreme long-term testing of floats in alcohols, alcohol-laced fuels, and a LOT more, ....alcohol is not the REAL problem that seems to cause deterioration of the floats, particularly a weight increase, and probably also the small center-of-mass change.  

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