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Ever been out in the middle of nowhere with less than half a tank of fuel and wonder if you'd have enough to get to the next station? That thought was on my mind a lot a few years ago during a trip to Saline Valley, just west of Death Valley. The distance to our camp was almost exactly a half tank away from the gas station, and it got to be a real drag planning to make the first stop after leaving in either Olancha, Lone Pine, or Beatty. Or remembering to make the last one a fuel stop at any of those places on the way in. And not just for me. My riding buddy Bob had an oversized Paris/Dakar tank from an R80G/S with almost nine gallons on tap, and he got drug along for all those gas stops, too. A year or two later when a crash badly damaged the standard tank, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and get a P/D tank of my own. I'd been looking at options for more fuel, but the big prices that Touratech fielded and the iffy fit of the Acerbis offerings left me less than enthusiastic. Fortunately, a good fitting and realistically priced option comes right out of the BMW catalog, but not for the R100GS. Instead you have to look at the Paris Dakar version of the R80G/S, a bike that hasn't been made in almost twenty years. Gene and I had recently completed a coast-to-coast-to-coast run on the K bikes, and I'd spied a brand new P/D tank still in the primer sitting on the shelf at a St. Louis BMW dealership. Knowing that the chances of it still being there were slim, I called and was relieved to find it still available. Even better, the fella that had ordered it had backed out of the deal, and I was able to negotiate a small discount. I also ordered a gas cap to go with it (don't forget the new Roundels):

R80 G/S Paris Dakar Tank: 16111453914, $600.00
Locking Filler Cap: 16111453817, $31.25 (not 16131455063, a top vented alternative)
Tank Emblem: 16112325179, $6.89

When the tank arrived the first thing I did was put it on the frame to see how it fit.

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