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Dual Plugging BMW Airhead Motorcycles
and information on head milling, barrel shaving, CR, etc.

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A technical, somewhat scholarly, worthwhile information on the merits of dual-plugging, with a somewhat different viewpoint than mine, was available from Oak Okleshen, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Oak died in 2017, and I am not sure that Carol Okleshen will provide the paper, but, you can try: Ask for the papers on Dual Spark Plug Ignition with the 2002 update. Oak did a lot of dual-plugging work & had a professional background of engineering work in combustion chamber investigations ....and was involved heavily with the original Airhead dual-plugging projects.

Here is a URL for Tom Cutter's now rather old article on dual plugging. While it has some errors & things that need updating, this may be useful if you are interested in more of the theory & background:

Please refer to other articles on my website, dealing with the pulse-air system and ignition system, etc.   

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