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Installing an Oil Cooler

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Drain off oil.
Unscrew the 3 hex. bolts at the oil-filter cover, take off the cover and remove filter element.

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the short tube from the engine block.
Degrease threaded bore (use suitable degreaser).

Screw in long tube from conversion kit until it projects only 3 mm from the engine block (insert with Loctite). Take O-ring off short tube and put it on long tube and push it inward with a new filter element.
Note: Centering lugs of filter element must face outward.

Note: Second instruction (take o-ring off ...) here is now irrelevant as o-ring is now attached to filter. In "old days" it was a separate item. Just put in the new filter.

Remove O-ring (1) from the old cover.
Take O-ring (2) from conversion kit.

Mount oil filter head to engine block with the existing hex. head screws (tighten in several stages). Take out blanking plugs.