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Critique of the Chitech BMW Electric School Manual
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This is what the publishers (Chicago Region BMW Owners Association) say, and I mostly, but not entirely, agree:

""The Electric Manual is actually a textbook-style educational manual rather than a service/repair manual. CHITECH believes the main reason so many riders have a hard time solving electrical problems is that they don't understand how the circuits work. This manual attempts to solve that problem by providing simple explanations in layman's terms.

Fourteen chapters, each covering the operations of a different BMW circuit, are understandable with only a basic knowledge of electricity. Contains 21 fold-out wiring diagrams covering BMW models from 1955 to 1990, from the R26 to the R100. The main chapters concentrate on the theory of operation and the appendices contain information more specific to servicing. Three of these appendices are devoted to troubleshooting procedures for what most owners find to be the most difficult circuit of all, the charging system.

70 pages
14 chapters
21 fold-out wiring diagrams

The above manual has been reprinted and is again available:

The Electrics manual is $30. This manual is the best electrics manual for Airheads. Oak was primarily responsible for the manual. This manual is highly recommended by me, Snowbum.

My comments below are applicable to my copy which is dated 1993 on the front cover; and maybe to yours, if the manual is the same inside. Do let me know if your manual is not the same as mine ....when comparing my pages and notes, below.

This is more like a factory school training manual, and as such it is excellent. It contains a basic electricity primer, which is not mentioned in the statement by CHITECH. If you combine it with reading my article; and,; and, some of my other electrical articles, you will be 'over the hump' on understanding electricity, and how to begin analysis of electrical problems.

The Chitech Electric School Manual covers your Airhead electrical system in depth. A fair amount of some of the /2 era is covered too. It also covers most of the things that are often left out of other publications: emission valves, flashers, beepers, etc. There are quite a number of pages in the Appendix area, covering most of the things you might also want to know ...or need. What it does not cover in depth is what happens ...or the symptoms ...when any particular part fails, nor all parts failures, but it does cover them OK. That type of information can be gleaned from postings of symptoms and the cures, on the Airheads LIST, and on my website Certain accessories are also not covered, such as the wiring for the fold-out Authorities lamps; and, Authorities models where they differ from the civilian models. This is not of much importance, and they are all covered by my website.

Most of my comments or critiquing are really minor to moderate nitpicking. If you have a copy of this excellent manual, you may want to write these critique changes in your manual in pencil.  

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