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Chemicals. Oils (not engine, transmission, driveshaft, rear drive). Assembly Lubes. Additives. Greases. Loctite. Sealants. Anti-seize. Electrical Contact Treatments.  Waxes. Wheel paint. Tank Cleaning/Coatings. Windshield & Visor Maintenance. Other Cleaners

For BMW motorcycles, but with many applications to other makes.
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1A. A must-have item:
Purchase a squeezable tube or small tub of some sort of mechanics hand protection. Will definitely will protect your hands +. Put a bit on your hands, work it into & under your fingernails & all parts of your hands, sometimes arm surfaces, and let it dry a few moments, then start work. This is not some common skin lotion!  Get it at an auto-parts store.  Lots of brands.  After working in dirty/greasy areas, you will appreciate the ease of cleaning your hands with a waterless cleaner, see 1B,... and then washing your hands with soap and water.

1B. A must-have item:
Waterless hand cleaner, available at every auto-parts store. Small tubs/containers. If you do a considerable amount of work on dirty/greasy engines, etc., you probably will want to invest a bit more, perhaps a total of $20, & get a dispenser & cartridge. Waterless hand cleaner cleans the messiest greasiest hands ever, & it is especially effective if you first use the hand protection stuff noted above in 1A. When you are done wrenching, you clean up with waterless hand cleaner, rub in it well, including at fingernails, then wipe it all off using an old rag. Follow this by cleaning with common soap or detergent & water and maybe a fingernail brush, ....and you will find that your hands...and fingernails!... do not look like those of a typical old-time mechanic's!

Used properly, you will have clean hands for dinner-time!.... even black stains from moly grease will clean off nicely!

1C. Some, or many folks, wear surgical or other plastic gloves:  

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